Organic winemaking

Producing wine organically affects both the work done outside in the vineyards (for example, fertilization only with hummus, compost or other organic sources of nutrients) and the work in the wine cellars.

In 2010, an organic quality seal valid throughout the EU and used in the wine trade as well as in other areas was introduced. In general, products can display the European organic logo if they contain a maximum of 0.9 per cent genetically modified material and at least 95 per cent of the content of the product has been produced organically. Various special rules apply to winemaking. The upper limit for sulphites is lower for organic wines than for conventionally produced wines, for example.
Apart from the EU quality seal, some organic wine producers are also certified by associations such as Demeter or Bioland.


These winemakers produce organic wines:


Weinbau und Gästehaus Neumeister

Weinlaubengasse 15, 97258 Ippesheim
09339/1002 , 09339/1595

Ökologischer Land- & Weinbau Krämer

Lange Dorfstraße 24, 97215 Simmershofen/Auernhofen

Vegan wines

Vegan wines are made, in line with the principal objective of a vegan lifestyle, without using any animal products. In conventional winemaking, animal products – gelatine, for example – are often used as finings. Producers of vegan wines replace these animal products with plant proteins. Out in the vineyard, there is no difference between conventional and vegan wines; only once the grapes reach the winery are alternative processing methods used to create vegan wines. Some vegans also attach importance to the use of only plant-based glues for affixing labels to wine bottles.

In contrast to the situation applying to organic winemaking, a standard European quality seal for vegan wines has yet to emerge. Some winemakers meet all the criteria for vegan wine production, but do not expressly label their wines “vegan”.


These wineries produce vegan wines:


Hillenbrands Lindhof

Ulsenheim 44, 91478 Markt Nordheim/Ulsenheim

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