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Franconia has a winegrowing tradition stretching back more than 1200 years. Today, more than 6000 hectares are under vines, including 350 hectares of vineyards located along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road.


The sunny climate of the region and its geological make-up with Keuper soils that store warmth and water leave their mark on every glass of wine produced here. These factors combine to form the terroir that makes every wine a special one.


From Bullenheimer Paradies to Tauberzeller Hasennestle. Wines from 15 “Einzelagen” are grown along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road. These Einzellagen are single vineyards, as opposed to the groups of vineyards which are classed as Großlagen, collective vineyard sites.

Organic and vegan wines

Many Middle Franconian winemakers produce organic wines for the sake of both consumers and the environment. Increasing interest in vegan wines is also a reflection of the spirit of the times.

Awards for Excellence

The hard work and immense dedication of winemakers is reflected in the highly commended and medal-winning wines found here. Another seal of approval you will spot is one which is also awarded to wine festivals and accommodation providers: Franconia – A Land of Wine and Beauty

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