Storing wine optimally

The length of time any given wine can be stored for depends on several different factors. Wines that are higher in alcohol can be kept for longer, and some wines unfold their full character only after being stored for several years.
For optimal enjoyment of wine at home, wine bottles should be stored in a dark place at as constant a temperature as possible, and this temperature should not exceed 20°C. Wine bottles closed with corks should be stored lying down, but screw-cap bottles can be stored upright.

The right glass

The right wine glass is one factor influencing how the bouquet of a wine unfolds. It is common knowledge that large glasses with bulbous bowls are traditional for red wines and more slender glasses for white wines. But numerous theories on the optimal wineglass exist.
Leaving aside the question of shape, wineglasses should always be thin and transparent, have long stems and be clean and free of detergent residue. To ensure the glass can be swirled and the wine can be smelled and tasted in all its facets, glasses should never be filled up past their widest point.

The right drinking temperature

For optimal enjoyment of wine, the temperature it is drunk at matters. White wines are best served chilled, ideally at 10-12°C. Rosé wines can be served slightly colder again, at around 8-10°C. Red wines are best drunk at 16°C. Very rich red wines such as barrique wines unfold their intense flavours best at 18-20°C. Red wines are best opened about an hour before drinking.

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