Aischgrund Carp

While the area around Bad Windsheim is characterized by winegrowing, the Aisch Valley stretching north from here through Neustadt an der Aisch and on towards Bamberg is dominated by carp ponds. Carp have been bred here since mediaeval times, and more than 7000 carp ponds stretch across this landscape like pearls in a necklace. The Aischgrund Carp strain first bred here has an incredibly high, arched back. It is a particular speciality in the region and can be enjoyed in the “months with an R” between September and April.

Carp and wine

Aischgrund Carp is absolutely delicious – fried, au bleu or served in other styles. But when teamed with the right wine, the result is very special indeed. A fine-bodied dry Silvaner or Müller-Thurgau makes a superb partner for carp. Our winemakers and restaurant proprietors will be able to give you recommendations.

Tip: Aisch Valley Carp Weeks (Aischgründer Karpfenschmeckerwochen)

The Carp Weeks take place between 1 September and 1 November every year in the Administrative District of Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim. During this time, 20 restaurants in the area serve a variety of special Aischgrunder Carp dishes which are also much enjoyed by wine connoisseurs. They include specialities such as “Karpfen blau in Frankenweinsud” (carp au bleu, steamed in Franconian wine stock), “Karpfenfilet in Silvanersoße” (fillet of carp in Silvaner sauce) and “Karpfenfilet in fränkischer Rotweinsoße” (fillet of carp in Franconian red wine sauce).


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