Autumn is the season for Bremser

As summer yields to autumn, the time for Bremser rolls around. The new wine, still not fully fermented, is also called Federweißer (white) or Federroter (red) and makes the perfect accompaniment to tarte flambée (typically called Flammkuchen here), onion tart, or a cold platter with bread, ham and home-made cheese spread.


Buying “Bremser” directly from winemakers

The best way to buy “Bremser” is straight from its maker. Signs in front of wineries advertise when it is ready to be sold. It needs to be transported with care: as fermentation in the bottle or canister is still ongoing, carbon dioxide needs to escape and the containers cannot be closed tightly.

“Bremser” can be drunk at different levels of sweetness depending on one’s personal preferences. If it has not fermented enough yet, it should be stored at room temperature for a few more hours. Once it is placed in a refrigerator, the cold stops the fermentation process.

“Bremser” festivals

Celebrating the arrival of “Bremser” is a cherished tradition along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road. Few pleasures are more enjoyable than luxuriating in autumn sunshine with friends and savouring the first “Bremser” of the season along with a slice of traditional Franconian onion tart (Zwiebelplootz). Some wineries host festivals of their own, and the winegrowing association “Weinbauverein Oberer Ehegrund” organizes an annual Bremser tour with a number of different stops in the wine villages of Ingolstadt and Krassolzheim.

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