Steigerwald nature park and the Frankenhöhe ridge

The Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road winds through the south of the Steigerwald forest nature park. The Steigerwald is the epicentre of the Franconian “Keuper” region and the mother lode for some exceedingly special wines. The landscape is characterized by a delightful patchwork of vineyards, expansive forests, meadows, fields and floodplains.

The Frankenhöhe nature park, stretching over 1100 m², lies to the east. East of the river Aisch, the Frankenhöhe ridge rises skywards. As well as forests and meadows with scattered fruit trees, the landscape also features many sparse meadows and areas of semi-dry grassland. Many niches and south-facing slopes untouched by human interference afford shelter to a cornucopia of plant and animal species.

The “Weinparadies” wine paradise and “Weinwanderwelt” wine hiking country

Within the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road area, wine presentations, events and activities for wine tourists are also offered through the local tourism associations “Weinwanderwelt” (in the wine hiking area surrounding Markt Nordheim) and “Weinparadies” (in the “wine paradise” around Weigenheim and Ippesheim).



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