Wild tulips

Majestic displays of colour unfold in spring when wild tulips blossom between rows of vines. And many more rare flowers, herbs and shrubs are found along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road.

Adonis vernalis near the “Sieben Buckeln” gypsum hills, Markt Nordheim

Gypsum landscapes

The gypsum steppes near Markt Nordheim and Bad Windsheim (Külsheim) are a standout attraction for flower lovers. This landscape, unique within Middle Franconia, provides shelter to both southern European and eastern European plants. In spring, vivid displays unfold as yellow Adonis vernalis and pale purple pasque flowers give the new year its first dashes of colour.
The gypsum hills and caves “Sieben Buckel und Höllern” near Markt Nordheim form a nature sanctuary that extends over ten hectares. The gypsum steppes can be explored on walking trails (including the circular route MN5, “Sieben Buckel und Höllern”). The gypsum cave system “Höllern” shelters hibernating bats in the winter and is not open to the public.

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