Clattering storks

Storks – the heralds of spring and wise counsellors from fairy tales and fables – are endangered today. But they feel entirely at home in the Aisch Valley and in the water meadows around its small tributaries, and the landscape there would be unthinkable without them. They can be observed searching for prey in the flat water meadows.
Fixed nesting sites that a pair of storks returns to every year are found in the old grain store in the centre of Ipsheim and on the town hall roofs in Neustadt an der Aisch and Scheinfeld.

Tip: The stork nature trail in Uehlfeld

More than a dozen pairs of storks nest in Uehlfeld each year. The village is just north of Neustadt an der Aisch. Visitors can follow a marked 7.5 km nature trail to discover in-depth information on the habits and characteristics of storks.

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