Town Parish Church of the Assumption, Scheinfeld

Churches and religious culture

The religious cultural heritage visible along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road is often magnificent. Churches and chapels well worth a visit are found not only in the bigger towns, but also in tiny villages and in stunning rural locations: in Kaubenheim, for example, St. Michael’s church captivates visitors from afar with its rather special location on a knoll outside the village. The village church in Dottenheim boasts a Strebel organ from the turn of the century. And the town parish church in Scheinfeld, built to plans by the star architect Balthasar Neumann, contains a sixteenth-century crucifix from the school of master carver Veit Stoß.

Fortress church, Bullenheim

Fortress churches

In the west of the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road and in neighbouring areas, fortress churches and fortifications have survived to the present day. Fortress churches are surrounded by walls and defensive towers that provided villagers with a place to retreat and a better chance of defending themselves and their property. The village church in Bullenheim, for example, is a fortress church surrounded by simple outbuildings that are now in private ownership; several are let out as holiday apartments.
Tip: Pay a visit to the impressive fortified church in nearby Mönchsondheim with its fortress church museum.

Kirchenburgmuseum Mönchsondheim
Fortress Church Museum Mönchsondheim
An der Kirchenburg 5
97346 Iphofen/Mönchsondheim
Phone +49 (0)9326 1224

Chapel in the vineyards, Ipsheim
Chapel in the vineyards, Ipsheim

Chapel in the vineyards

The “chapel in the vineyards” amidst the vineyards of Ipsheim below the mighty Hoheneck Castle is a true gem and an extraordinary place to pause for reflection. Grateful for their fulfilled lives, a married couple from Neustadt had the small chapel built in accordance with their own plans in 2010 and made a present of it to the market town of Ipsheim.
The chapel is open for Church services and can be visited as part of tours through the vineyards. Prayer services, weddings, christenings and visits can be facilitated at any time by arrangement.

Ipsheim Town Hall
Phone +49 (0)9846 97970


Jewish cemetery, Ullstadt
Jewish cemetery, Ullstadt

Jewish cemeteries

Around 400 gravestones are still extant in the Jewish cemetery on the south-eastern edge of the Ergersheim locality of Ermetzhofen. The oldest two are from 1791 and 1794, while the most recent burials took place in 1936.

A Jewish cemetery with headstones dating all the way back to 1627 is located in Ullstadt to the east of Sugenheim. This graveyard with more than 500 surviving headstones is surrounded by a stone wall. While it is not open to the general public, good views of it may be had from the outside. With its stock of old trees, it forms one of a number of designated “places of tranquillity” among the sites of natural beauty in the southern Steigerwald forest.

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