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As early as 7500 years ago, the area around Ippesheim was settled by farmers who cultivated the land and kept animals. These prehistoric settlements are indicated by changes in colour over large areas in fields. Many of these coloured patches were also observed on a plateau rising up from the Iff valley to the south-west of Ippesheim. One roughly circular one was particularly striking, as it suggested the presence of a Neolithic circular enclosure of a type typical for the early fifth millennium BCE.

During excavations in the spring of 2002, a sensational find was made: remains of a female skeleton were discovered in the centre of the enclosure. The body, soon given the soubriquet “Ippsi”, had evidently been buried head-first in a trench. “Ippsi” can be seen along with other finds from the local area around Ippesheim and a reconstruction of the burial in the palace “Schloss Lichtenstein”.

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Bullenheimer Berg

The hill Bullenheimer Berg was already a place of mystical significance to the Celts. And this magical mood is still almost palpable today when one looks down from the legendary Chapel of Saint Cunigunde (“Kunigundenkapelle”) and across the vineyards into the wide vale below. Hikers like to come here, but so do researchers, archaeologists and people who simply want to pause for a moment to sense the magic of the place.

Archaeological windows in Bad Windsheim

Archaeological excavations under the market square in Bad Windsheim uncovered a burial ground dating from the eighth to the tenth centuries and remnants of cellars from important buildings dating from the twelfth to the fifteenth centuries CE. Today, four “archaeological windows” allow the site to be viewed from above. The roofed-over cellars also contain a permanent exhibition with finds from the excavation that can be visited as part of a city tour. Among other features, a well constructed in 1408 and used until its abandonment in 1820 can be seen.

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