A peek through the archaeological windows in Bad Windsheim, a stroll across the Celtic sites on the prominent hill Bullenheimer Berg or a visit to Ippsi, the lady from Ippesheim who has been around for thousands of years now – your journey into times past starts here.

Freimarkung Osing

Osing, located near Markt Nordheim, occupies a unique position in European cultural history: the rights to work and harvest the fruits of this stretch of land were given to four villages by Saint Cunigunde of Luxembourg, wife and consort of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry II, and to this day they are assigned by means of a lottery held at regular intervals.

Churches and religion

The varied religious heritage of the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road reveals itself in historic village churches, chapels amidst the vineyards, imposing fortress churches, and almost forgotten Jewish graveyards.


The spectrum of museums along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road ranges from the Aisch Valley Carp Museum to the Franconian open-air museum in Bad Windsheim.

Palaces, castles and ruins

Imposing castles and palaces tower high above the vineyards or occupy places of prominence in many a village. But visitors can also discover water palaces in idyllic spots and hidden-away ruins.

Wine and architecture

Middle Franconian wine can be experienced at its best in both ultramodern wine showrooms and in venerable wineries with timeless class. Wine and architecture merge seamlessly in an exciting variety of ways.

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Guest houses

Wine festivals


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