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Three are the things that make the wine,
the earth, the vine, and the sunshine.
But were the work of the grower not there,
the prettiest cup would hold only air.
(traditional toast)

Winemakers along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road

Growing vines is not a job like any other – it is a vocation fuelled by a passion for wine. Growers head out into the vineyards when raindrops are falling thickly and when the sun is splitting the rocks. And during hail and frost they quake – quite literally – as they wait to find out whether their vines will survive unscathed.

It is worth getting to know the people behind Middle Franconian wines better. You will meet genuine characters who are deeply rooted in their native place and can tease every nuance out of their grapes to create perfect wines. Winegrowers enjoy sitting down with their guests over a glass of wine. You can look forward to encountering them!


You will find contact data for winegrowers, “Heckenwirtschaften” (rustic wine taverns that open seasonally), restaurants and wine guest houses


Young and audacious

A new generation of winemakers along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road are now beginning to make their mark and show just how dynamic this region is. They are bringing their excellent training to bear as they join family businesses. Bursting with fresh ideas, they are linked through one thing above all else: their passion for wine.

A school project successfully and courageously taken further by three young winemakers and a sommelier is a case in point: their fine-bodied fruity “Big Bang” wines, cloudy with yeast, come in 250 ml bottles for shaking and are rapidly conquering bars, pubs and discos. www.bigbangwein.de


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