1. The Bocksbeutel bottle

It is the poster child for the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road and a distinctive hallmark of Franconian wine: the Bocksbeutel bottle. Only top-quality wines from Franconia are bottled in this receptacle with its special shape. Holding one in your hands here on the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road is rather special.

2. The vineyards at dawn

The sun has just come up, the morning mist in the valley is dispersing and the smell of dewy grass hangs in the air. What could be more pleasant now than an early-morning stroll through the vineyards with the vine leaves glittering brightly as the sunlight catches dewdrops and the idyllic wine villages of Middle Franconia lie still and calm below? Relaxation in its purest form!

3. Award-winning wines

Wines never taste just the same from one year to the next, but the winegrowers and winemakers on the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road create excellent wines year upon year. They are rewarded not only with high praise from wine lovers, but also with awards and commendations like those awarded in 2017 for Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Silvaner. Every bottle bears testament to the intense dedication, passion and love for wine its makers have.

4. The open-air museum

A tour through the Franconian open-air museum in Bad Windsheim is a form of time travel through 700 years of the history of everyday life in Franconia. History comes to life here in over 100 buildings including farmhouses, tradesmen’s houses, mills, sheep farms, breweries and tiny palaces. [Link Kultur/Freilandmuseum]

5. Winemaker’s platters

“Presssack” head cheese, liverwurst, fried or grilled sausages, “Obazder” cheese spread – merely thinking of the kind of rustic winemaker’s lunch or evening meal traditionally served with wine in wine bars and “Heckenwirtschaften” (wine taverns that only open seasonally) is enough to make your mouth water. Local and home-made produce takes its rightful place at the table along with a glass of Silvaner or Domina. Guten Appetit!

6. Royal brilliance

Following their splendid coronations, they add that special something to many wine events along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road: the wine princesses. Virtually every wine town or village in Middle Franconia is ruled over by a charming sovereign. They woo fans of local winemakers and wines with humour, esprit and passion and belong among the standout personalities you will encounter along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road. More on regional wine royalty

7. The hill “Bullenheimer Berg”

The Bullenheimer Berg was already a place of mystical significance to the Celts. And this magical mood is still almost palpable today when one looks down from the legendary Chapel of Saint Cunigunde (“Kunigundenkapelle”) and across the vineyards into the wide vale below. Hikers like to come here, but so do researchers, archaeologists and people who simply want to pause for a moment to sense the magic of the place.

8. Vineyard shacks

Nowhere is one closer to wine than in the vineyards. And that’s why the vineyards are the best place to pause for a drink and a meal after a hike or to sit chatting with friends over a glass of wine in the evening. Absolutely unmissable staffed vineyard shacks like the “Weinparadiesscheune”, the “Taubenlochhütte” or the “Bewirtungshaus” in the Ipsheim vineyards are found all along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road.

9. Welcome, benvenuto and bienvenue!

Hospitality and openness to the wider world are ever-present constants along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road. The town wine festival in Ulsenheim has an international flair and showcases the cuisine of a different far-flung location every year. Visitors to Ipsheim can admire the vineyard “Europa”. Grape varieties from all over Europe grow here. Welcome to the heart of Franconia!

10. Nature in the rhythm of the seasons

Nature along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road shows the same depth of richness as the wines made in the region and can be discovered anew time and again through the changing of the seasons. Seeing the Adonis vernalis and wild vineyard tulips (Tulipa sylvestris) as they bloom in springtime near Bad Windsheim is magical. In summer, the landscape is reminiscent of Tuscany, and as the summer fades away, the forests and vineyards begin to glow in a range of autumnal hues.

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