Camping and caravan sites

The Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road is perfect for camping holidays: campsites with excellent facilities are located in or close to many towns. And some winegrowers also have suitable pitches directly on their farms.

Wirtshaus im Ried

Walkershofen 40, 97215 Simmershofen/Walkershofen
09848/969633 , 09848/969634

Landhaus Zum Falken

Tauberzell 41, 91587 Adelshofen/Tauberzell

Hillenbrands Lindhof

Ulsenheim 44, 91478 Markt Nordheim/Ulsenheim

Weingut und Häckerstube Kistner

Bullenheim 61, 97258 Ippesheim/Bullenheim

A camping tour along the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road

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