The Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road is perfect for camping holidays: campsites with excellent facilities are located in or close to many towns. And some winegrowers also have suitable pitches directly on their farms.

Day tours & sightseeing

Have you only got a day or a weekend for your trip to the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road? It’s still worth coming: you can experience lots here even in a short space of time. You will find ideas and tips for your stay here.

Guided tours

Our tour guides can show you the vineyards or lead you through the towns and villages and across the panoramic landscapes of the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road. Tours can also include wine tastings. You will find more information and a list of tours offered here.

Experiencing wine with all your senses

Would you like to taste wines in the winery where they were made, enjoy a vineyard tour in a horse-drawn wagon or tend to your own vines yourself? You will find suggestions and contacts for your wine discovery holiday here.

The Bocksbeutel Road at its finest

As with all beauty, exactly what is so special about the Middle Franconian Bocksbeutel Road lies in the eye of the beholder. Is it the wines full of character, the sunny vineyards or the region’s charming wine royalty? 10 reasons why coming here is rewarding.

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Experiencing wine with all your senses

The Bocksbeutel Road at its finest

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